Pre-Settlement Funding Can Help You Make Ends Meet

“HMR has always given our clients excellent service and support. Their professional and efficient attention to detail has assisted our clients in getting the funding they needed quickly while making the client feel that they are getting attentive and individualized care from people who really understand what they are going through”

– Daniel, California Trial Attorney

Your attorney is doing their best to get you the justice you deserve…

But life doesn’t wait for a settlement.

Pre-settlement funding from HMR can help you get back on your feet after a personal injury, whether you need money for medical bills or basic living expenses like housing, food and transportation.

Our program has best in the industry rates!

  • 10% one-time origination fee

  • 2.95% monthly usage fee – simple, NOT compounded

  • 6-month minimum


That’s it.

Program Benefits

  • NO Hidden Fees

  • NO Compounding Amounts

  • NO Time Limit for Repayment

  • NON-Recourse, if your case is lost, you don’t pay us back

Take this example: —————>

  • $3,000 advance

  • $300.00 (one-time 10% origination fee)

  • $88.50 (2.95% simple monthly usage fee)

That only comes to:

  • $3,831 due at the end of 6-months

  • $4,062 due at the end of 12-months

  • $5,124 due at the end of 24-months

  • $6,186 due at the end of 36-months

“I would like to thank HMR on behalf of my clients who would not have been able to live, or survive, or maybe have even sacrificed their case way too early for way less value than it was ever worth because they weren’t able to withstand the delays and the weight of litigation, HMR I thank you for that.”

– Matt, Florida Personal Injury Attorney


HMR is currently not providing pre-settlement funding in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Missouri, Maryland, Nevada, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, or West Virginia.