HMR Servicing Story

Our Beginnings

HMR started out of the desire to help those harmed by another’s negligence. Seeing firsthand how insurance companies and defense firms will use unscrupulous tactics to minimize their expenditures for harm caused by their client, HMR saw the need to help level the playing field for plaintiffs without the financial means to fight for justice for their injuries.

Why We’re Different

We provide the most trusted resource for helping uninsured and underinsured personal injury plaintiffs pay for medical care and other needs while also enabling attorney to concentrate on their case.

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Covering Medical Costs Related to Personal Injury Cases

HMR helps personal injury victims by covering their medical treatment costs BEFORE the case is won.

Injuries won’t wait for settlement – that’s why we offer flexible funding solutions that cover even catastrophic injuries.


HMR’s Team of Top Regional Managers

We’re strategically located nationwide to best assist you and your clients in their time of need.

  • Kyle Kinberger

    Chief Revenue Officer
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  • Taylor Luce

    Southeastern Regional Manager
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  • Laura Williamson

    Southeastern Regional Manager
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  • Richard Abi-Rached

    West Coast Regional Manager
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  • Scott Paget

    Vice President of Development
  • Bleu Edwards

    Southwestern Regional Manager
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  • Danielle Hodge

    Southeastern Relationship Manager
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  • Ted Molis

    Director of Marketing
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