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Why Alejandro Blanco from Trial Structure Works with HMR

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It is fascinating to me how little lawyers know about funding. What I tell them about HMR is call them. They will help you with your case because they vet your case and they can tell you whether you are on the right track.

Alejandro Blanco, Esq., Trial Structure

Alejandro D. Blanco is a trial lawyer with over 100 civil trials and a few criminal ones, who has “been in the trenches”. Alejandro is intimately familiar with cutting edge trial strategy and practice. Specializing in brain injuries, he travels the country learning and teaching attorneys. He has lectured around the country in civil forums, including the Boardwalk Seminar in New Jersey, CAALA, Minnesota AJ and Alaska AJ. He was also finalist for CAOC Trial Lawyer of the Year 2014. Best known for his ability to frame cases and trial teams to reach impossible goals, he has contributed to two of the largest verdicts for single plaintiffs in Kern County and a severe brain injury verdict in Orange County, totaling over 90 million for three plaintiffs.

About HMR:
HMR Servicing, LLC is a plaintiff-oriented medical funding company based in Richmond, Virginia with a national reach. HMR supports personal injury attorneys whose clients are either uninsured, underinsured, or have been denied coverage.

Last Updated: August 19, 2022