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What is Medical Funding?

In its simplest form, medical funding is a service that is offered by a medical funding company where medical bills associated with a personal injury case can be purchased from a medical provider who may not want to hold a lien and have to wait for a legal case to settle before they are paid.

This allows a plaintiff to receive the medical care they otherwise may not be able to afford and for the medical provider to receive payment sooner, no longer bearing the risk of non-payment.

Otherwise, what is an attorney to do if their uninsured or underinsured plaintiff needs medical help, but they are not able to find a medical provider who will accept a medical lien to provide the needed services?

Simply put, working with a full service funding company, like HMR, is a win, win, win for all involved. The plaintiff can get the medical care they need, the medical provider isn’t waiting years to get compensated, and the attorney can focus on fighting for justice for his client. 

Feel free to share this infographic PDF with clients – it shows an example scenario where medical funding could help an injured plaintiff as you the attorney work on getting them the justice they deserve. 

How medical funding works

Why do we do this?

We know that when an uninsured or underinsured person is injured in an accident at no fault of their own, their life is often turned upside down. The accident was not their fault, they have been injured and they find themselves in need of medical help – and they are often unable to afford the medical care that they need.

The harsh reality

We have been told by leading law firms that a defendant’s insurance company may use delay tactics, therefore leveraging the personal injury plaintiff’s need for medical help, in an effort to force an early settlement.

This seems unfair, and would be a sad reality for thousands of personal injury victims every month. They were hurt by someone else’s negligence, and they are unable to get the medical help they need because they don’t have the money to pay a medical provider out of pocket. Why should they have to pay for injuries caused by someone else?

When a medical lien is not accepted

Often times, a medical provider is not willing to provide their services on a medical lien because they know it may take several years before they see their payment. They may have been burnt in the past with a personal injury case being lost, and their never receiving payment as a result. This is where a company like HMR can become a valuable service for both the attorney and the medical provider.

HMR specializes in one thing. We buy medical bills. Plain and simple. Whether it’s one bill or a huge portfolio of bills, we buy medical bills associated with personal injury cases. We then hold the medical liens until the cases close.

Why is this good for a personal injury plaintiff?

We can help a personal injury plaintiff get the medical care they may need by working with the medical provider and promptly purchasing their medical bills after the providers perform their services. The plaintiff can concentrate on recovery and the attorney can concentrate on achieving optimum results on the case.

Why is this a good thing for the medical provider?

We purchase the medical bills promptly after medical services are performed. The medical provider is not left waiting for payment. They do not take the risk of the case being lost and never receiving payment. We take the risk, and we wait for payment until the end of the legal case.

We can help!

HMR can be your medical funding solution. We can pay for your plaintiff’s medical care now, whether the injury is a mild TBI, moderate or the most severe in-patient brain treatment that results in hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills. In many of these cases, the plaintiff will be in treatment for years. HMR may even be able to provide funds to plaintiffs to help them with other health care costs or living expenses.

There is no case that is too large for us.

Contact us now or give us a call at 888-377-1245 to discuss your personal injury case

We will quickly review your case, and can purchase medically necessary bills from medical providers promptly upon approval. We purchase medical accounts receivables from medical providers nationwide, or we can work with your plaintiff’s provider of choice. The choice is always theirs.

About the author:
Ted Molis is the Director of Marketing for HMR, a plaintiff-oriented medical funding company headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. HMR supports personal injury attorneys whose clients are either uninsured, under-insured or have been denied coverage.
Last Updated: June 15, 2022