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Connectionology Podcast featuring HMR Servicing

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There Are A Number Of Competitor Type Companies Out There. In My View, They Are Not Competitors Because They Are Not Even Close To The Level Of Understanding The Medical System And The Legal System Like The Professionals At HMR.

John Romano, Hall Of Fame Trial Lawyer

Join John Romano, Esq. for another great Connectionology Podcast as he catches up with Kyle Kinberger from HMR Servicing.

During this podcast they discuss some great topics including:

  • What are some of the challenges in this space?
  • Common misconceptions about medical funding
  • What happens with cases that don’t settle for enough to pay all that’s owed and cases that are lost
  • Thoughts on tort reform in various markets
  • How HMR came to specialize in TBI cases
  • And more!

HMR helps personal injury plaintiffs pay for the quality medical care they may require due to injuries sustained in an accident and can also help with pre-settlement funding for living expenses and other basic needs. They’re an industry leader in medical funding nationwide with a primary concentration on funding catastrophic injury cases for plaintiffs who are uninsured.

About HMR:
HMR Servicing, LLC is a plaintiff-oriented medical funding company based in Richmond, Virginia with a national reach. HMR supports personal injury attorneys whose clients are either uninsured, underinsured, or have been denied coverage.

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Last Updated: May 23, 2022