“HMR is responsive, diligent, and supportive and I have always been able to get the full billed amounts in front of the jury because of HMR’s back-end support. Beware of fly by night lenders and small unproven factoring outfits. If your client is uninsured and needs care call HMR, you won’t regret it.”

— Jesse Chrisp, California Personal Injury Attorney

We are a passionate team of professionals who provide personal injury funding for uninsured and underinsured personal injury victims.

Aligning With You

At HMR, our personal injury funding programs are designed to alleviate the financial concerns of your clients who lack the resources to access quality healthcare and sometimes even provide for their family’s basic need of food and shelter.

We align ourselves with leading attorneys, making our broad range of services available to your clients – allowing you to focus on achieving the most favorable case outcomes.

Sharing the Risk

As a contingency fee attorney, you may have to advance the cost for court filings, research, experts, discovery and the general overhead associated with the preparation of the case and do not receive your payment until the case is won or settled.

We are similar in that we only receive our payment when the case is won or settled. We take the risk alongside you and never interfere or question your management of the case. Our services are provided at no cost to your firm.

Comprehensive Underwriting and Expedited Response Time

Our team of skilled underwriters can complete most case applications quickly after the application’s submission. We respond promptly and professionally.

Our Personal Injury Funding pays for a wide range of medical treatments and procedures:

Diagnostics – Imaging
Pain management
Inpatient and outpatient surgical procedures
Physical therapy
Traumatic brain injury treatment
Amputation Cases
And more

Help your clients receive medical treatment

No cost and no risk to your firm  | We work with thousands of high-quality medical providers nationwide, or we can work with your plaintiff’s provider of choice

“There are a number of competitor type companies out there. In my view, they are not competitors because they are not even close to the level of understanding the medical system and the legal system like the professionals at HMR”

— John Romano, Palm Beach Trial Attorney


If you need assistance – our professionals are standing by to help, simply call 1-888-377-1245.
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Our personal injury funding is an ideal solution on those cases where your client does not have health insurance or if their health insurance plan has high deductibles and severe co-pays that your client simply cannot afford to pay.
We consider personal injury, premises liability, product liability, medical malpractice, maritime, offshore, and many other types of cases/claims. We often provide funding to pay for the physician, hospital or ambulatory surgery center, anesthesia, and other ancillary services from basic cases to the most complex surgical cases.
Yes, our medical funding solutions have been specifically developed to help uninsured victims access quality health care. HMR will review your case and, once accepted, we will purchase your client’s medical bills while your client focuses on their recovery. Your client pays HMR at the end of the case only if there is a recovery.
Yes, we actually have two medical funding solutions for your client. If your client elects to use their insurance, we may be able to advance your client the money to help cover the deductible and co-pays associated with their medical treatment. If your client elects not to use their insurance, HMR may pay the medical providers directly.
Yes, we are your personal injury funding solution. Once your case is approved, we can provide money to your client to help with their ordinary living expenses such as rent, utilities, car payment, food and other expenses they may have month to month while you concentrate on achieving the best case outcome possible.
  • We may be able to help your clients pay for the medical care they need.
  • There is no cost to your client until the case is settled or is won.
  • We offer Pre-settlement funding solutions to help plaintiffs manage their living expenses as they are on their road to recovery
  • We have an experienced staff ready to assist you and your client.
  • We may be able to help your client fund treatment by making a referral to an established network of medical providers in most areas.
  • We allow you to concentrate on the case while your client gets the medical care they need.
  • There is no cost to your firm.
  • We have no involvement in your management of cases.
  • We help reduce your administrative costs.
  • We take work off of your paralegals and other staff.
  • We forward all medical records, operative notes and other information to you at no charge
  • We are professional, reliable, capable and honest.
No. Much like your firm, we receive nothing unless the case settles or results in a favorable verdict. We deliver a win-win situation for you and your client.
No. We do NOT manage your case or render any legal advice. The case management is your responsibility as the plaintiff’s counsel.

Our role is to pay for the medical care your client may need, allowing you to focus on the case to achieve an optimal outcome.

Our professional staff has many years of experience working with leading personal injury attorneys and paralegals across the country. Our role is to be your “go-to” resource to help your firm access the most talented medical providers for your clients. We will take significant work off of your paralegals simply by doing what we do every day.