Whether you have a medical receivables portfolio in the tens of millions of dollars or a small portfolio, we may be able to purchase your accounts receivables.

HMR is a medical lien funding company that specializes in the purchasing of medical receivables portfolios associated with personal injury legal cases.

Are aging medical receivables liens hurting your cash flow?

You’ve entered into Letter of Protection arrangements with personal injury patient attorneys but now you realize the legal process is a long and winding road that takes many months or often years to finalize.

Additionally, you’re often asked by the attorney to take huge reductions at the end of the case. The cash available to your practice is limited and you need immediate and reliable cash flow.

Can you afford to wait for years for payment on these personal injury medical lien cases? Contact us now to discuss your aging medical receivables.

We may be able to help solve your medical lien portfolio cash flow challenges.

If we purchase your receivables we pay you an agreed upon fair rate for your aging personal injury medical receivables and we assume the financial risk and the responsibility of collecting on the bills within that portfolio we have purchased from you.

You will gain confidence knowing you will not have to wait months or even years for payment on your personal injury cases. If a medical lien is not paid at the end of the legal case, HMR takes the loss, not you.

Contact us at 1-888-377-1245 or fill out the form below to solve your cash flow challenges.

HMR’s Portfolio Division caters to a wide range of medical providers:

Imaging Centers | Pain Management Clinics | Ambulatory Surgery Centers | Hospitals | Health Systems | Others


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We work with many specialties, including but not limited to radiology, pain management, orthopedic, spine, neurosurgery, trauma, anesthesia and many others. Facilities serviced include hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and rehabilitation centers.
We are your personal injury medical lien portfolio management solution. Rest assured that you are not alone – most medical providers are under severe financial pressure with declining reimbursement rates and ever increasing costs. We will review your personal injury medical receivable portfolio and may purchase your aged receivables to provide your practice with much needed cash flow.
We can become your personal injury receivables solution. We understand that self-pay often results in no-pay. We will review your personal injury medical receivable portfolio and determine how we can best convert your self-pay cases into paid cases to increase the cash available to you.