“HMR has wonderful, wonderful customer service. Their business model keeps the litigation budget effectively streamlined and optimized, which means we can focus on litigating rather than budgeting.”

– Willie G. Johnson, Louisiana Trial Attorney

HMR gets it – we are the real deal. We are both professional and responsive. We may be able to pay for your clients’ surgeries that my be required due to the inherent defect associated with the defendants’ products.

HMR Bridges The Gap

With our funding programs, we may be able to help claimants pay for the quality medical care they might require.

Your client may not be able to wait months or even years to receive compensation for the injuries sustained due to the defendant’s product.

Our application process is straightforward and streamlined — making it easy to get started NOW


If you need assistance – our professionals are standing by to help, simply call 1-888-377-1245.
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No. We only work on certain mass tort cases. Call 1-888-377-1245 and ask for our Mass Tort division to learn more.
Yes. HMR works with mass tort attorneys to help their clients pay for the best medical care possible. We will often fund diagnostic services, revision surgeries and other medical services.
HMR will factor the medical bill and will accept a lien against future settlements paid to the claimant. When the defendant pays the claim and the funds are transferred to the plaintiff attorney’s trust account, the plaintiff attorney will satisfy the HMR lien as part of the case settlement process.
Simply complete the short form application and press “Submit.” One of our mass tort case managers will be in contact with you to discuss how we may best support you with your cases. Or you can call us directly at 1-888-377-1245, please ask for our Mass Tort division.
Yes, we are your medical funding solution for uninsured plaintiffs. HMR can spring into action to help your clients pay for the medical care they may require. Some mass tort cases start with a thorough diagnosis. We work with a network of medical providers your plaintiff can contact, or they can use their own preferred provider – we purchase the bills from the medical providers.
Yes, we are your medical funding solution – we actually have two solutions for your client. If your client elects not to use their insurance, HMR may be able to satisfy the medical providers at a discount now, and your client pays HMR only at the end of the case if there is a recovery. If your client elects to use their insurance, we may be able to advance your client the money to help cover the deductible and co-pays associated with their medical treatment.
Once your case is approved, we may be able to advance you the money to help with your client’s ordinary living expenses such as rent, utilities, car payment, food and other month to month expenses.
  • There is no cost to your firm
  • We may be able to help your clients to pay for medical care they may need
  • We help limit your administrative costs by taking work off your paralegals
  • We forward all medical records, operative notes and other information to you at no charge
  • We have no involvement in your management of cases
  • We are professional, reliable, capable and honest
Yes. HMR attends many of the popular conferences. Please contact HMR @ 1-888-377-1245 and ask to speak with one of our mass tort case managers for more information and to arrange a meeting at one of these conferences.