At HMR, we specialize in purchasing personal injury medical receivables.

Kyle Kinberger, National Sales Manager for HMR

We purchase medical accounts receivables associated with personal injury cases, typically where the plaintiff is uninsured or underinsured. We may be able to work with medical providers from a variety of specialties related to personal injuries, from imaging, pain management, and physical therapy all the way up to neuropsychologists, orthopedists and spine surgeons.

At HMR, we have been told that many medical providers who treat plaintiffs do not wish to accept a letter of protection or a medical lien from a personal injury attorney. The medical provider wants to be paid promptly for their services. Many medical providers have experienced providing treatment to plaintiffs and were never paid due to the underlying legal case being lost. The prospect of waiting a couple of years, and the very real possibility of that case being lost and never getting paid is an unattractive option for a medical practice.

If a doctor won’t take a medical lien, what can a personal injury attorney do?

What is an attorney to do if their uninsured plaintiff needs medical help, but they are not able to find a medical provider who will accept a medical lien to provide the needed services? HMR provides medical professionals with the comfort needed to treat patients.

HMR purchases medical accounts receivables associated with personal injury cases. Plain and simple. Whether it’s one bill or many medical bills associated with a catastrophic injury, we purchase these medical bills associated with personal injury cases and we then hold the medical liens until the legal cases close.

Why is this good for an attorney?

Their personal injury plaintiff may now be able to get the medically necessary care they may need since HMR may purchase the medical receivables from the medical provider at the time of service. The plaintiff can concentrate on recovery and the attorney can concentrate on achieving the best-case outcome.

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We will review your plaintiff’s case, and we may be able to purchase their medically necessary bills from the medical provider promptly upon approval. We can purchase medical accounts receivables from a nationwide network of high-quality medical providers, or we can work with your plaintiff’s provider of choice. The choice is always with the plaintiff.

 About the author:
Kyle Kinberger is the National Sales Manager of HMR, a plaintiff-oriented medical funding company headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. HMR supports personal injury attorneys whose clients are either uninsured, under-insured or have been denied coverage.
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