HMR is Honored to have been chosen as the Best Medical Funding Company by Virginia Lawyers Weekly two years in a row!

Kyle Kinberger, HMR National Sales Manager

All of us at HMR are truly honored to have been chosen as the best Medical Funding Company in Virginia 2 years in a row by the attorneys that we’ve helped with many of their toughest personal injury cases.

Please let us know if you ever have an uninsured or underinsured client in need of medical funding while you fight for the justice they deserve! We have helped plaintiffs in over 40 states with their medical funding needs. Call us at 888-377-1245 or send us an email at [email protected] to talk about your case.

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How HMR helps plaintiffs

HMR offers funding services that may help plaintiffs in their time of need, by paying for their medical bills and even providing cash to help with their living expenses as they recover from their injuries.

We are personal injury medical funding experts and specialize in catastrophic cases, which many funding companies avoid. These plaintiffs are so badly injured that they cannot work and may need around-the-clock medical care.

Plaintiffs who are injured often have no medical insurance or they may have limited funds to pay for the medical care they require. In other situations, they may have health insurance but high insurance deductibles cannot be afforded to pay or policy limits that are too low to provide desperately-needed medical care.

We could purchase medical bills from a medical provider at an agreed-upon discounted rate, and send the medical provider immediate payment. As a medical funding company, we will actually purchase the receivable – the medical debt – from the medical provider. We will do so in exchange for a lien on the settlement or verdict in the personal injury case. HMR will take the payment risk and we understand the long-term window involved in a case settling or reaching a verdict can be many months or years.

HMR can begin working when an attorney contacts us and furnishes an accident report and records about the injury. HMR may be able to work with the plaintiff’s medical provider. HMR has purchased receivables in 46 states.

The plaintiff gets the relief of knowing that the payment issues have been resolved. This may give the attorney an advantage in the event the doctors are called as witnesses. The physicians can testify as disinterested experts.

Furthermore, the plaintiff attorney is not under pressure to settle quickly to recover medical expenses. Defendants often have deep pockets and will try to delay cases to try to force an early, unfavorable settlement for the plaintiff.

Working with HMR is a win-win situation for all parties involved. The plaintiff is able to get the medical care they need, and the plaintiff may also qualify to receive living expense assistance. The medical provider is paid promptly for their services, and the attorney can focus on fighting for justice for his client.

Contact us now or give us a call at 888-377-1245 to discuss your personal injury case

We will review your case, and may be able to purchase the medically necessary bills from the medical provider promptly upon approval. We purchase medical accounts receivables from a nationwide network of high-quality medical providers, or we can work with your plaintiff’s provider of choice. The choice is always the plaintiff’s.

 About the author:
Ted Molis is the Director of Marketing for HMR, a plaintiff-oriented medical funding company located in Richmond, Virginia. HMR supports personal injury attorneys whose clients are either uninsured, underinsured or have been denied coverage.