We are pleased to announce the first and only national organization for trial attorneys who handle premises liability cases. The National Association of Premises Liability Attorneys (NAPLA) exists to support those attorneys who seek justice for those injured or killed because an owner or occupier of a premises didn’t meet their responsibilities for safety. NAPLA is uniquely situated to focus exclusively on litigating all types of premises liability cases.

The organization was founded with three goals:

  1. To educate attorneys who have expressed a desire to better represent people who have been injured or killed because an owner or occupier of a premises didn’t meet their safety responsibilities
  2. To build community and provide networking opportunities for professional attorney members
  3. To promote public safety by encouraging businesses and insurers to put safety first by holding them legally accountable.

Michael Neff explained NAPLA’s genesis: “When I became a trial lawyer 30 years ago, premises liability cases were often misunderstood and marginalized in professional organizations. Over the years, however, premises liability cases have become a significant driver of keeping people safe and avoiding unnecessary injuries. I founded NAPLA because lawyers representing the injured in premises cases need a forum for collaboration, education, and advocacy.”

NAPLA is supported by an Advisory Board of luminaries in premises liability cases, including Robert Bohm, Saul Gruber, Mark Kosieradzki, John Leighton, and Phillip Miller.

More information on how to join NAPLA can be found at premisesliability.org/join


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