$18.5 Million Settlement for Injured Motorcyclist Cut Off by Dump Truck

Kyle Kinberger, HMR National Sales Manager

On a dark April morning in 2015, Scott, was doing what he loved the most – riding his customized motorcycle. It was 5:20 a.m. and he was going to work early, hoping to get in an extra hour of overtime at his welding job. He rode up the on-ramp to the interstate when he saw something that would shatter his life.

A construction dump truck pulling a trailer suddenly made an illegal U-turn directly in front of him, blocking the ramp. Scott hit the metal bar connecting the trailer and was thrown off of his bike.

Scott suffered broken bones, internal organ damage, and a traumatic brain injury that put him in a coma for months, even though he was wearing a helmet. He was hospitalized for 14 months. Scott was confined to a wheelchair and in need of 24-hour assistance for the rest of his life. But he had no health insurance coverage for the treatment that his medical providers recommended. His medical providers agreed to treat Scott when HMR became involved.

Scott filed suit. Flash forward to 2016. Two months before trial, the construction contractor agreed to pay an $18.5 million settlement to cover Scott’s medical needs for the rest of his life.

How medical funding works

This case illustrates how medical funding can work in a catastrophic case where an injured motorcyclist received medical care while the plaintiff’s attorney worked to get him the justice he deserved.

Often the injured plaintiff will have no medical insurance or have limited funds to pay for medical care. In other situations, he may have a high insurance deductible he cannot afford to pay or policy limits that are too low to provide desperately-needed medical care.

In Scott’s case HMR worked directly with medical providers to pay the providers so they do not have to wait for payment until the case settles or a verdict is returned.

HMR begins working when an attorney contacts us and furnishes an accident report and records about the injury. HMR has an expanding network of providers under contract in 39 states. We specialize in catastrophic cases.

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We will quickly review your case, and may purchase medically necessary bills from medical providers promptly upon approval. We often purchase medical accounts receivables from a nationwide network of high quality medical providers, or we can work with your plaintiff’s provider of choice. The choice is always theirs.

 About the author:
Kyle Kinberger is the National Sales Manager of HMR a plaintiff-oriented medical funding company headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. HMR supports personal injury attorneys whose clients are either uninsured, under-insured or have been denied coverage.