HMR, along with Connectionology® is pleased to invite you watch “Beyond Fractures, Imaging of Acute Spinal Trauma Including Whiplash.” This important session features Hugo L. Chanez, Esq. with Mitchell Sanchez, Neuroradiologist Specialist, Dr. Travis Snyder, DO with SimonMed and Kyle Kinberger with HMR Servicing. We welcome back Dr. Snyder, Hugo and Kyle as they dig deeper into imaging as it relates to personal injury cases. They discuss when to image in acute spinal trauma and the following:

  1. X-ray Protocols
  2. CT protocol and when to order
  3. MRI protocols
  4. Disc pathology nomenclature and imaging of acute disc injury
  5. Ligamentous Injury
  6. Whiplash Injury
  7. Other MRI findings of acute injury
  8. Value of follow-up MRI imaging in spine trauma