Neuroimaging: How to Get the Best Evidence for Your TBI Case – Part 2


Watch this Webinar Replay to learn even more about the array of neuroimaging tools available to help you prove a TBI, how to get it into evidence and deal with challenges in court. There will be discussion on why it is not junk science, how to pay for it, why you need a high quality database of past scans for comparison, and why it’s NOT a silver bullet – but IS an important part of the TBI puzzle. Part 1 can be seen here.

This second session again features Hugo L. Chanez, Esq., with Mitchell Sanchez, Neuroradiologist Specialist Dr. Travis Snyder, DO with SimonMed Imaging, Kyle Kinberger with HMR Servicing, and Hali Marsocci, Esq. with the Romano Law Group as the moderator.

You will learn:

  • Introduction to array of neuroimaging tools to help prove TBI
  • How Neuroimaging fits in the TBI puzzle
  • Prepare for a fight – Defeating Daubert/Frye challenges
  • How to deal with the challenges once in court

They cover the current spectrum of neuroimaging tools and why some are better than others depending on your case.

Part 2 presentation deck is available to download.

This session is a continuation of part 1 that can be seen here