The Need for Push-Back Against Insurance Companies and Their Lawyers Unscrupulously Taking Advantage of The Coronavirus Crisis by Unnecessarily and Purposefully “Slow-Walking” and Delaying Claims, Payments & Litigation—What Can You Do?


Thursday, April 2nd from 3-4:30pm EST

You Will Learn:

1. Steps Insurance Carriers and their Attorneys are taking to unnecessarily delay litigation.
2. Postponement of Depositions, Mediations and Settlements in their refusal to reasonably take steps to cooperate and keep cases moving. Especially, when tools are available and ready to keep the system up and running at all times.
3. How to be sensitive to the health needs of Witnesses, Court Reporters, Lawyers, Videographers and others.
4. What is happening…the truth as to why it is happening…and what you as a Plaintiff Attorney need to do about it in the best interest of your Clients and our United States of America Justice System!

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