HMR was proud to sponsor this important California Personal Injury Webinar.

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Understanding how to show the true value of your plaintiff’s case at trial and when to use a Medical Funding company in California Personal Injury Cases

Learn from a professional how to best screen and structure your serious injury cases to include the full hospital charge master charges your client has taken on while recovering from injuries caused by the negligence of another.

This webinar lays out the ground work for best setting up your California Personal Injury case to help your plaintiff:

  • Knowing the right cases for medical funding
  • Picking the right medical funding company
  • How assignment works
  • Explaining why the full charges we’re incurred charges
  • How to work with hospitals and providers before the care and after to secure the lien
  • What to do during discovery to prevent the other side from obtaining trade secrets involved
  • How to use MIL at trial to keep out mention of factoring company or lien
  • How to use Billing experts to secure the UCR is what’s shown to the jury
  • How to lay the proper foundation to get the bills or chart of charges admitted

Jesse Chrisp is a trial lawyer who has successfully used medical liens in trial. By understanding the specific case law carve out from Howell to Moore v. Mercer you too can feel confident when using liens to get the full charged amount admitted in trial for your Plaintiff.


Please reach out to us for a replay of this webinar.


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