Watch this replay to learn more about how to identify mTBIs in your clients and the importance of working with experienced TBI specialists in documenting, identifying and determining future care needs. Mr. Chanez and Dr. Swint will be discussing a recent TBI case they worked on together.

You will have a special opportunity to hear from Hugo L. Chanez, Esq. a partner at Mitchell Sanchez in New Orleans, Louisiana, Susan L. Swint, M.D. from Resilient Life Care in La Grange, Kentucky, and Kyle Kinberger from HMR based in Richmond, Virginia.

With summer in full swing and the current difficulties of being indoors, many of us are eager to spend more time outside. But getting out for a stroll is becoming an increasingly risky past-time. So risky in fact that the number of pedestrians killed in traffic has risen sharply, hitting an alarming three-decade high. 6,283 pedestrians were killed and around 137,000 injured in 2018.